Klima-Charta Zug+

Working together to make an impact

The time to act is now. We want to create a joint movement with the aim of making companies in Zug more climate friendly, ensuring a clean environment for future generations and sustainably strengthening Zug’s status as an economic hub. Every contribution counts – including yours!

The Charta is all about protecting the climate, securing the future and boosting profitability. This requires us to work together to identify potential, proactively implement measures and learn from each other. By doing so, we minimise risks to the environment, businesses and society.

The Klima-Charta Zug+ is an initiative with a collective spirit.

Together, we aspire to:

  • Accelerate climate protection measures without wasting any time
  • Achieve quick results in the form of targeted projects and stimulate the economy
  • Collaborate through interaction, encouragement, inspiration, motivation and support
  • Highlight the commitment of individual companies as well as joint achievements
  • Help make the canton of Zug climate neutral …

… and play our part on a wider scale

How you benefit

Strong arguments for joining the Klima-Charta Zug+

Every contribution counts – we help you boost your commitment

Save energy and resources to reduce carbon emissions in our canton. Whether you need financial support or practical advice, we’re here to help you and highlight your efforts.

A clear direction for strengthening your company

You gain inspiration and an overview of action areas, opportunities and risks when it comes to climate protection. We walk you through all your options.

We show you what difference being active and staying active can make

We work with you to calculate your current carbon footprint and show you how to reduce it. We make an impact, which feeds into your individual success and beyond.

Forge connections and leverage our network

Share ideas and let other companies and experts inspire you about local opportunities and the range of possibilities available to you. We build bridges.


Are you on board?

To achieve what it has set out to do, the Klima-Charta Zug+ offers a diverse package to companies in Zug:

We support you

Future-proof your company from a sustainability standpoint. We support your efforts to reduce your carbon emissions on a technical, strategic and communicative level. We work with you to identify targeted measures and advise you on how to implement them in an economically viable and environmentally friendly way.

We foster interaction and networking

We bring companies and experts together and promote knowledge sharing across Zug’s economic landscape. By sharing experiences and discussing opportunities and examples specific to the Zug region, we offer ideas and innovative solutions.

We’re brimming with knowledge and best practices

Countless companies in Zug are already taking action and have successfully reduced their carbon emissions. But how? We present best practices and share knowledge and ideas to make it easier for you to implement measures in your company. And we’d be more than happy to come up with the ideal solution for your climate protection goals.

We fuel innovative solutions

Create something that’s never been seen before. Stay innovative and deliver new ideas. Let our network, Switzerland Innovation Park Central and our experts help you develop fresh ideas and put them into practice.

Get involved

Join the Charta.

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    We pick up from where you started, without committing you to anything


    Maybe your company is already taking action to protect the climate, but wants to build on that and make its efforts visible.

    Well, you’ve come to the right place. Simply get in touch for an initial, non-binding consultation so we can:

    • Find out how you’re playing your part and what you’ve achieved so far
    • Inspire you and show you alternative ways to take action
    • Help you integrate your activities into your corporate strategy
    • Help you implement targeted measures where they are needed
    • Demonstrate how to effectively communicate your climate protection efforts to employees, customers, owners and shareholders

    Or perhaps your company wants to start taking action to protect the climate and is looking for guidance and support.

    Then reach out to us for an initial, non-binding consultation so we can:

    • Analyse your current situation, calculate your company’s carbon footprint and identify potential action areas
    • Identify opportunities available to you within the canton or nearby
    • Propose targeted carbon reduction measures and calculate their potential
    • Demonstrate how to effectively communicate your climate protection efforts to employees, customers, owners and shareholders

    The Charta in figures

    The Klima-Charta Zug+ was launched at the start of 2023 and now has:

    ongoing consultations
    measures being implemented
    examples of best practice